El reconfortante abrazo de dos pingüinos mirando al horizonte

Las fotos de dos pingüinos viudos que se reconfortan con un abrazo, reciben elogios de los usuarios de las redes sociales para quienes es la «cosa más linda que han visto».
El fotógrafo Tobias Baumgaertner retrató a los pingüinos en Melbourne.
Asegura que pasó tres noches con la colonia de pingüinos para capturar el momento único. Explicó que los pingüinos estaban viudos y pasaban horas consolándose unos a otros. Un momento conmovedor se hizo viral en Instagram donde los seguidores de Tobías se emocionaron.

Tobías dijo que capturó el momento hace un año mientras se quedaba con una colonia de pingüinos en St. Kilda, pero quería compartirlo durante «estos tiempos oscuros» de cuarentena.

El fotógrafo explicó que la pareja se mantendría unida, «aleta a aleta» durante horas, observando el horizonte y el océano.

Un voluntario se acercó a mí y me dijo que la blanca era una anciana que había perdido a su pareja y el macho más joven de la izquierda también», relató.

Desde entonces se reúnen regularmente para consolarse mutuamente y permanecen juntos durante horas mirando las luces de la ciudad en el horizonte.

Tobías añadió que conseguir la foto había sido una hazaña en sí misma, debido al hecho de que los pingüinos se mueven mucho.

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- Happy World Penguin Day - Here is a short video of the two penguins which have recently touched so many hearts around the world. While standing on the rock and facing the Melbourne skyline, they are surrounded by the calls of hundreds of other little fairy penguins. May these two bring even more love into your lives! I am a dreamer,... I believe that it is important to have dreams as they make life worth living and give love meaning. I previously shared these penguin images to spread love because that, I believed, is what the world needed most right now. It was never intended to be scientifically accurate as it was quite obviously romanticized by adding my personal feelings of being separated from and longing for the one I can’t live without. I wrote these words from the bottom of my heart and never expected so many people to connect with them. Like with anything else in life too much of one thing has the potential to become dangerous and while we don’t know what goes on in these little penguins I’ve been advised by the scientific community that anthropomorphizing animals can have a negative influence on them as it “can... lead to inappropriate behaviors towards wild animals”. This is especially the case for animals living in such close proximity to the city as they are already dealing with various challenges. I have further been adviced that these two could be related, ...the exact relation of these two is at this point probably hard to figure out but i am happy to hear that if they are not friends then they might at least be family. Either way I believe that this was a truly beautiful and magical moment that spread so much love around the world. I also believe that humans protect what they can connect with and it acts as a reminder that we share this beautiful world with many other beings which come in various shapes and sizes, degrees of fluffiness and colors as well as with specific needs crucial for their survival. It presents us with just one of many reasons why we should protect the ones with no voice to stand up for themselves and most importantly it has shown us that if we care and come together we could change the world... CONTINUE IN COMMENTS...

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