Impressive high-resolution video with real sound of the winds on Mars

2020721153929 1

The sound of the Martian winds captured by the InSight lander with the high-resolution images of the Curiosity rovera stunning video shared by the specialized Twitter account @wonderofscience

The incredible video did not take long to go viral, and everything related to the red planet attracts us. Mars arouses great interest, and these images accompanied by the sound of its winds have reached 250 thousand "likes". An outrageous figure, rarely seen in this social network, especially on topics of this nature.


Elon Musk himself contributed to the tweet's success. A "RT" from the Space X founder accompanied by a comment: "Destiny", topped it off.

And that "destiny" is that of all humanity. Who knows if ever a human being could be the one to record these images that for now can only be taken by robots. Time will tell, for the moment we are satisfied with being the first generation of human beings who have been able to see real images of the Martian surface. Not bad at all.