The impressive images of a solar flare impacting a comet

Cometa Nishimura

The Nishimura comet is the most famous of its kind in the second half of 2023. It managed to be sighted by numerous amateur and professional astronomers, who gave it the nickname green kite. It was discovered on August 11 by Hideo Nishimura and was given the name C/2023 P1. But it was not only observed from Earth, but by another probe whose objective is to study the Sun.

1639px Comet C2023 P1 Nishimura on 6 September 2023
Photograph of Comet Nishimura on September 5.


The STEREO A probe is one of the twin probes in charge of studying the vicinity of the Earth's orbit and its relationship with solar activity, in addition to being one of the few ships that have visited Lagrange points 4 and 5.

During a routine observation of solar flares, The probe managed to capture the Comet Nishimura at its closest approach to the star.

In the video, created from numerous images taken several minutes apart. You can see the planet Mars on the left side, from the right comes a coronal mass ejection and it is possible to detail the interaction of the material with the tails of Comet Nishimura. The object is currently heading towards the Oort cloud, this being the first and last time it would be possible to see it.

Francisco Andrés Forero Daza
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