Denialism and chemtrails: the danger of being ignorant and spreading it

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Chemtrails" (a contraction of "chemical trails") is a conspiracy theory that claims that the visible contrails left by airplanes in the sky are actually chemicals intentionally sprayed by governments or other entities for hidden purposes. The reality, as any elementary school child knows, is that these "contrails" are what airplanes usually leave behind when they expel water vapor as part of their operation, transforming into ice due to the low temperatures of the altitudes at which they fly.


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The conspiracy has many edges. It can be used to manipulate the weather, control the population, spread diseases or even in activities to modify it for military purposes. The mere fact of putting this black on white is embarrassing to me, but this is our reality as a society, ignorance has always been very bold and now they have a magnificent loudspeaker to be heard. Just look up and think of your craziest idea, then post it on Twitter, and voila... your conspiracy dish is served. bon appetit!

The easiest conspiracy to observe is the most dangerous one

These wakes that we all see every day have a different behavior. It is easy to attribute your problems to them when your intelligence is just enough to tie your shoelaces. That it hasn't rained for a long time or the other way around, that it rains a lot, obviously it's the chemtrails. That my back hurts or my head hurts, damn world leaders infesting our skies.

Scientifically speaking, proving that something does not exist is always more complicated than proving evidence. Playing in the league of an undocumented person, getting down in the mud and getting dirty is complicated since they are waiting for you with all their weapons. It is an impossible task, once someone buys a mega conspiracy he sticks to it like a child to his ice cream, the idea of being smarter than the rest and belonging to the select group of "awakened" people is not for everyone, it is an identity reinforcement that covers intellectual deficiencies.

But why is it dangerous? Simple. Spreading the conspiracy message like a cult that attracts its followers creates confusion and misinformation, but the most hurtful thing is how it undermines the credibility of the scientific community. Attributing the problem of droughts to controlled spraying and not to the more than proven climate change is unacceptable.
It is essential to rely on evidence backed by science to address the climate problem, spreading these denialist ideas can help more people join their select club. It is a simple act of propaganda, but this one may corner the real problem while the planet is at a point of no return. We should not enter into direct debate but it is necessary to point them out publicly.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering that climate change is a complex caused mainly by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and methane, due to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and intensive agriculture. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the Earth's average temperature to rise, which has significant effects on the global climate, such as sea level rise, extreme weather events and changes in precipitation patterns.

The simplest answer is usually the most likely. The great world conspiracy that should involve numerous agents is absurd, chemtrails do not exist but will remain "awake".