The most poisonous lizard in the world helps humans

monstruo de gila el lento depredador del desierto norteamericano

The Gila Monster is the most venous lizard in the world. Its venom is used to treat type II diabetes.


They spend almost their entire life underground, and although their venom is lethal, they are not a risk to humans. On the contrary, their venom helps fight type II diabetes. Some brainless person has used it as a "pet", a whole suffering for the animal, if by chance throughout your life you come across one please, let it continue on its way, you are not its objective, much less does it want to pass the rest of his life being your faithful squire. DO NOT USE WILD ANIMALS AS PETS. It may be very exotic for some sick heads to have the most poisonous lizard in the world living under their roof but the only thing they achieve is to give perpetual suffering to the lives of these animals. 

Well, someone may think that using its venom as a drug is also harming the lizard, but of course extracting a little of its venom and letting it continue its life is not the same as having it out of its habitat for fun, stupid fun.

The Gila monster's skin is covered in bony scales that have orange, yellow, pink, and black edges. However, his chin, neck, head, and legs are black. On the other hand, they have very strong and heavy legs with effective claws, while their eyes have round pupils and their ears have very narrow grooves.

These can measure between 26 and 36 centimeters and weigh around 350 to 700 grams. However, the Gila Monster is a curious lizard as they are underground for the 95% of their lives. Likewise, it has been announced that the bladder of this lizard is suitable for functioning as a water reservoir so that it can keep its body hydrated.

Gila monsters mate during the summer when there is more food for them to feed on. Likewise, they reach sexual maturity at 4 or 5 years of age. On the other hand, this species is solitary and only stays with others of the same species to reproduce. However, males are territorial, so they fight among themselves to decide who will mate with the female.

gila show
Without a doubt a spectacular specimen, one more rarity of nature that must be preserved and cared for.