NASA returns to the Moon: Odysseus ready to land on its surface

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Como parte de la iniciativa CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) de la NASA y la campaña Artemis, Intuitive Machines tiene como objetivo no antes de las 5:30 pm EST del jueves 22 de febrero, aterrizar su módulo de aterrizaje lunar Odysseus cerca de Malapert A en la región del Polo Sur del Luna.

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After many years since its inaugural announcement, NASA's CLPS program is finally beginning to take off.

If in January we followed the journey of Peregrine after its launch, on the back of the first Vulcan, now the Nova-C arrives. This new lander from Intuitive Machines  It has less carrying capacity than its predecessor in the program.

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Some details of the Nova-C

The main payload of the launch was the lunar probe of a weight of 1931 kilograms. Thanks to this, the ship is already on its way to the Moon in a direct launch. Most of its instruments belong to NASA, but there are also other companies and institutions dedicated to science. Many of them are dedicated to studying the interactions of engine exhaust gases with the lunar regolith.

This is the first of at least three missions given to Intuitive Machines' Nova-C. That is why it is quite important that this first mission be a success, subsequent delays would not be welcomed. Furthermore, these next two missions are scheduled according to the POT for this year.

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